Saturday, September 27, 2014

Some 5E Characters

I'm going to build for a couple of different styles of characters here a little bit at a time as a have time and interest.

I'm mostly going to be using a 30 pt array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 but will sometimes just be doing a 30 pt buy and for rebuilds of past characters will use the stats I had on file for them.

I'll take suggestions for builds not yet decided on

Rebuilds of Past Characters

Kya'Rei L'Di'Shinabon (Play by Email Campaign, Drow Cleric/Ranger)
Jhessail Crackstone (Play by Post Campaign, Wererat Paladin/Rogue)
Teryna (Play by Post Campaign, Ranger)
Medora (Tabletop Campaign, 10th Sorcerer/10th Disciple of Medusa)
Angwiel (Neverwinter Nights 2 Original Campaign, Aasimar Fighter)


Ship's Medic (Goliath Alchemist)


Lycanthrope (Longtooth Shifter - Path of the Totem Warrior)
Boisterous Brawler (DMG version Aasimar - Path of the Berserker) 
Hobgoblin Sky Pirate II (Hobgoblin Storm Herald)


Half-Oni Tea-Mistress (Tiefling, College of Valor) 
Half-Drow Storyteller (Half-Elf, College of Lore)
The Wise Wolf (Wildhunt Shifter, College of Lore) 
Hobgoblin Sky Pirate III (Hobgoblin, College of Valor)


Kitsune Cleric (Wildhunt Shifter Light Domain Cleric) 
Air-Headed Healer (Drow Life Cleric)
Master of the Forge (Hill Dwarf Forge Cleric) 
Scholarly Princess (Variant Human Knowledge Cleric)


Shrine Maiden (Ghostwise Halfling Circle of the Land)
Caretaker of the Forest (Firbolg Circle of the Moon)


Arcane Archer (Wood Elf - Eldritch Knight)
Samurai (Variant Human - Battle Master)
Swashbuckler (Half-Elf - Battle Master)
Half-Orc Brute (Half-Orc - Champion)
Tiefling War Sergeant (Tiefling - Battle Master) 
Royal Protector (Variant Human Banneret)


Satyri Monk (Tiefling Open Palm Monk)
Alabaster Marilith (Fire Genasi Four Elements Monk)
Serpent Guardian (Yuan-Ti Kensai)
Royal Bodyguard (Variant Human Shadow Monk) 
Skydancer (Air Genasi Four Elements Monk)


Changeling Inquisitor (Changeling Paladin of Vengeance)
Corrupted Martyr (Fallen Aasimar Paladin of Conquest) 
Arcane Templar (Scourge Aasimar Paladin of Devotion)


Bounty Hunter (Yuan-ti Beastmaster)
Dryad Warden (Wood Elf Primeval Guardian)
Touched Hermit (Protector Aasimar Hunter)


Drow Outcast (Drow Thief)
Reincarnated Fox Familiar (Variant Human Scout)
Noble-Born Half-Orc (Half-Orc Mastermind)
Changeling Imposter (Changeling Mastermind)


White Draconic Sailor (Human Draconic Bloodline)
Spirit Eater Ninja (Tabaxi Sea Sorcerer) 
Hobgoblin Sky Pirate (Hobgoblin Storm Sorcerer)


Cutesy Chaos Sorceress (Human Great Old One Warlock) 
Lesser Gorgon Archer (Yuan-Ti Pureblood Archfey Warlock) 
Vampyr Warrior II (Variant Human Undying Warlock)
Companion (Half-Elven Pact of the Seeker Warlock) 
Chosen of Two Patrons (Winged Tiefling Fiendish Pact Warlock) 
Satyr Enchantress (Variant Human Archfey Warlock) 
Spared Sailor (Half-Elf Undying Warlock)


Necromantic Nobleman (Human Necromancer)
Shifter Caravan Magus (Razorclaw Shifter Diviner)
Snow Priest (Variant Human Nature Theurgist)
Dwarven War-Sage (Mountain Dwarf Abjurer)

Multi-Class Builds

Omnidisciplinary Sage (Half-Elf Rogue: Arcane Trickster/Bard: College of Lore) 
Abyssal Angelic Pixie Monk (Wing Variant Tiefling Shadow Monk/Ancients Paladin)
Random, Avatar of Storied Monsters (Tabaxi Shadow Monk/Archfey Warlock/Assassin)
The Huntmaster (Variant Human Ranger/Paladin) 
Angelic Roboticist Brawler (Scourge Aasimar Primal Brawler/Alchemist)

Third Party and Homebrew Builds

DiBastet's Classless Rules

Queen Snake (DiBastet's Classless Rules)

Matthew Mercer's Gunslinger

Vampiric Sniper (Dhampir Gunslinger) 
Gorgon Smuggler (Gorgon Gunslinger)

Benjamin Huffman's Dhampir

Hunter of the Dead (Feralblood Dhampir Revised Ranger) 
Vampiric Sniper (Dreadblood Dhampir Gunslinger) 
Valorous Vampire (Nobleblood Dhampir Valor Bard)

My Gorgon Sorcerer Heritage

Sorrowful Gorgon (Wood Elf Sorcerer, Homebrew Sorcerous Origin) 

My Gorgon Race

Gorgon Smuggler (Gorgon Gunslinger)

My Draconic Warlock

Crippled Dragon (Dragonborn Draconic Warlock)

My Worg Race

Mice and Men (Worg Warlock homebrew race)

My Primal Brawler Barbarian

Angelic Roboticist Brawler (Scourge Aasimar Primal Brawler/Alchemist)
Brutal Brawler (Goliath Primal Brawler)

My Ooze Pact Warlock 

Slime-Touched Peasant (Half-Elf Ooze Warlock of the Tome)

Homebrew Elements

Vampyr Warrior (Undying Warlock, Homebrew Invocation)

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